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Ethique Solid Cream Body Cleanser (Unscented) 滋潤沐浴芭 (無味) 15g


Ethique Solid Cream Body Cleanser - Unscented (15g)

The solid cream body cleanser bar is designed specifically for those with sensitive skin or find the normal bodywash too dry. Containing hydrating creamed coconut butter and cleansing clay, this bar is creamy, low-lather formula which leaves skin delightfully soft and clean without drying it out.
Pro tip:  for a deep cleanse with this gentle bar, apply the product onto a washcloth and massage cloth into the skin, then rinse. This cream cleanser won't lather like soap, but it will leave a nice layer of lotion behind on the skin, and yes, it will be clean! 
    • Soap free
    • pH balance of 5.5
    • Creamy light lather, super hydrating
    • Gentle formulation for sensitive skin