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Hom Fragrances

Soy Candles in One Ninman

Based in Chiangmai, Thailand, Hom Fragrances is popular creating hand-poured soy candles, cold-pressed body soaps, natural insect repellents and lip balms.


來自泰國的 Hom Fragrances,店舖座落於清邁文青店集中勝地 One Nimman,人手製造多款大豆蠟燭、冷製手工皂、天然潤唇膏及防蚊用品。他們的大豆蠟燭氣味獨特但不造作,為您帶來心靈真正放鬆的寧靜體驗。



Unique and Speciality 

The candles are available in various scents in a right proportion of natural essential oils and ingredients, making them an unique character recalling the favourite moments that you may have been forgotten. Whether the candle scent is relaxing, calming, refreshing, romantic, or just as sweet as your favourite dessert, you will find one comforting your soul. 


What Makes Soy Candles So Great?

The candles are made with essential oils and soy wax extracted from the soybean marrow which are bio-degradable, releases less soot and toxins, making it more friendly for you, your pets and the environment. Soy wax melts at a lower average melting point, so you can enjoy the scent without burning the candle as the fragrances diffused naturally even in cool weather. The melted wax with natural fragrance oil creates a natural moisture that is safe to be used on skin.





Eco-friendly Treat To Your Soul

Using recycled beer bottle as the candle container, the "Eco Series" were designed to present a better green living by reusing and recycling. The design won the Special Award in Good Design Award 2015


Hom Fragrances 特別創作了 "Eco Series", 採用再生玻璃樽作為包裝,並在 Good Design Award 2015 得到特別奬




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