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Handcrafted by the premium artisanal beeswax wraps makers in Singapore, the Minimakers wraps are made fresh daily using quality ingredients that are good for the planet and you. They make conscious effort in ensuring the entire life cycle of our product is as eco-friendly as possible. The wraps are available in 100% premium cotton, GOTS certified organic cotton, and Liberty Tana Lawn premium cotton.


How Does Beeswax Wrap Work?


The Artists' Choice

Minimakers is keen on partnering with different designers to create wraps with delicate fabrics with unique design pattern, making the wrap a precious art piece which you can use in life everyday.

To learn more about the stories of the designer items available on Comfily below.


THE PATTERNHOLIC (premium cotton)

Beatrice is a surface pattern designer living in Singapore, working under the moniker, The Patternholic. She loves spending time illustrating and turning them into patterns.

Her work is predominantly influenced by the daily encounters of her life and the wonders of the natural world. She hopes that her patterns bring joy and color into the lives of others.

My Sweet Scarlett (organic cotton)

Marina Setiawan grew up surrounded by the beaches and flowers that are central themes of her art today. In My Sweet Scarlett, she transforms the patterns of nature into wearable art pieces that help anyone add a little sparkle to an otherwise ordinary day.

Reflecting Marina's respect for nature and her background in working for a social enterprise with a focus on sustainability, My Sweet Scarlett is committed to using sustainable materials that are ethically sourced.

fabricity (Liberty Tana Lawn cotton)

Fabricity is a Singapore fabric retailer known for its distinctive premium fabrics, including its curation of Liberty fabrics. Globally known for their historic 50,000-strong print archive, and for their in-house studio where new artworks are painted and drawn by hand, the Liberty Fabrics offering reflects our storied heritage and century-spanning passion for art and design.


Size Guide


Great beginner piece perfect for wrapping cheese or small bowls.


A workhorse in the kitchen. Cover most bowls, or fold into a snack bag.


If you have to pick just one! Wrap sandwiches, store herbs in the fridge, or cover a large serving bowl.

Extra Large

Baker and cook's favourite. Great for a loaf of bread, large trays, storing large vegetables.

By choosing the Minimakers beeswax wraps, you are participating in a global movement to save the earth. Together we have replaced over 1,156,400 meters of cling wrap!


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