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About Us

About Comfily

Inspired by the love to the nature, we want to live peacefully and comfortably with the mother earth by reducing damages and impacts to the environment in our daily life. 


Some say there is not much we can do to make significant impact to the serious environmental problems, while Comfily people believe there is much an individual can contribute to reduce wastes and carbon footprints that eventually inspires more people to make the move.





Comfily wants to promote the idea of living friendly to the nature by providing a wide range of quality eco products to educate people on utlizing the resources and live sustainably.


To live green, it is not necessary to switch to all the expensive "green products". Rather, we may:

  • review and repurpose the goodies we have
  • consciously buy the things we really want and need
  • reduce using one-off disposable consumables
  • plan ahead before shopping, bring your own bag, container, mug, and etc.
  • look for bulk purchase or refill options
  • recycle as much as you can!



From Comfily, we hope you can find the goodies fitting you most, or get your first step in switching to the less-waste life.