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About Comfily

Inspired by the love to the nature, we want to live peacefully and comfortably with the mother earth by reducing damages and impacts to the environment through daily life. 

Some say there is less the individual can do to make significant impact to the serious environmental topics like global warming, while we do believe there is much we can do in switching our life style to reduce waste and carbon footprint that may eventually inspires others to make the moves.




Comfily aims to gather durable eco products with high-quality to provide people with more choices of sustainable goods.

To live green, we do not have to always give up the living standard by buying all the "eco products". We can protect our planet by simple steps like maximizing the usage of some long-lasting products, switching the unavoidable consumables to something biologically degrading faster or made with less plastic.

Comfily is here to provide a comprehensive collection of products to fulfil different needs.