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BĪJ Plantable Pencil - Carrot 可種植鉛筆 (紅蘿蔔)


BĪJ Plantable Pencil


Let's start planting for a sustainable future with this cool plantable pencil!


How to plant the pencil?

After the pencil is used or becomes too short, put the seeds came with the pencils in a pot, add some water, sunlight & love!


Everything in the pencil including the capsule wrapping the seeds is biodegradable, so they will all return to the earth as soil. The seeds and paper pencil body are organic and are fair-traded from the farmers of Uttarakhand, India.


This unique green piece is a perfect gift for friends and kids! You can also customzie them as wedding gifts or corporate gifts.


*This is the price for 1 plantable pencil.