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Hom fragrances

Hom Fragrances Eco-friendly Soy Candle (Good Day) Size S 泰國大豆香薰蠟燭 (好日子)


Hom Fragrances Eco-friendly Soy Candle (Good Day) 

Fragrant smell that will change an ordinary day into your good day. This smell will provide freshness, brightness, refresh with the smell of the fruits of the family Citrus, Dewy, Green, Sandalwood, musk. It will be a sweet, soft, dreamy smell.


  • Made from 100 % natural soy marrow
  • No soot and black smoke from the wax and wick
  • Toxic-free
  • Safe to be used in bedroom
  • Wax oil melts at low temperature and can be applied on skin for moisturizing purpose
  • Made in Thailand 🇹🇭

Size S: 90g (burn up to 30 hours)

Size L: 200g (burn up to 50 hours)


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