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Singapore's 1st Plantable sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand playfully designed with light & love

left-handesign began as a small business creating hand-made cards in 2017, and now has has grown into a brand celebrating collections inspired by simple joys of travel, art, nature, food, impressions as seen in day to day life. The idea is to bridge the gap between the products we use, especially stationery in a more sustainable way. Creating a brand with 'nature' focus is the main mission.



About the Founder - RADHIKA MAYANI 

As a founder and creative director, Radhika’s journey of creativity inspired by simple joys is left-handesign’s unique aesthetic.  She believes that creativity is an imaginative world which turns into reality in the form of a brand, product, service,
and the possibilities are limitless. 


An ardent Nature lover she draws inspiration from, to design the product range. Her balcony boasts of exotic flowers and leaves which she keeps growing!


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