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Earth Chemical

Earth Chemical 果蠅誘捕啫喱|Insect Trap Bait

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Insect Trap Bait


Insect trap bait with gel attracts and sticks injurious household insects like fruit flies, ants and mosquitos. Made with black vinegar and odor attractive to the insects.

  • Suitable for places where insecticides cannot be used
  • Non-toxic and safe for your family
  • Can be used at kitchen, bathroom, food storage cabinets and places the insects present
  • Contains one trap per box, can be used up to 6 months
  • Made in Japan 

Earth Chemical 果蠅誘捕啫喱


吸蚊啫喱 - 專門誘捕果蠅、蚊滋、螞蟻、烏蠅等細小昆蟲。

  • 適用於不能用殺蟲劑的地方
  • 不會釋出有害物質
  • 放在廚房、廁所、垃圾筒及盆栽房等害蟲經常出沒的地方
  • 日本製

1) 撕開產品的封膜
2) 根據蓋子與瓶身的標記,對應好位置並蓋上
3) 順時針轉動蓋子,即可使用
4) 持續有效約一個月