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【Expiring AUG 2021】Ethique Deodorant Bar Mini - Botanica (Lavender & Vanilla) 香體芭 (薰衣草 & 雲呢拿) 15g

HK$40.00 HK$59.00

Ethique Deodorant Bar Mini - Botanica (Lavender & Vanilla) 


Stay fresh and confident all day long, without baking soda or aluminium. Instead, our wonder ingredients keep sweat and smell away: magnesium hydroxide, zinc oxide and bamboo (which absorbs 200% its own weight in sweat and oil). Scented with lavender and vanilla, with jojoba and sweet almond oil for silky smooth underarms. 


Please note that this is a solid deodorant, which helps keep your underarms smelling fresh rather than stop sweat, it is not an antiperspirant, this bar will not block your sweat glands.  


  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan
  • Certified palm oil free