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Organic Cotton Beeswax Wrap by My Sweet Scarlett (Giraffes) Size 9" x 9" or 13.5" x 13.5"

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This listing is for ONE organic cotton beeswax wrap. 

The fabrics in this collection are from My Sweet Scarlett.

My Sweet Scarlett was created by artist Marina Setiawan. Marina grew up surrounded by the beaches and flowers that are central themes of her art today. In My Sweet Scarlett, she transforms the patterns of nature into wearable art pieces that help anyone add a little sparkle to an otherwise ordinary day.

Reflecting Marina's respect for nature and her background in working for a social enterprise with a focus on sustainability, My Sweet Scarlett is committed to using sustainable materials that are ethically sourced.

Beeswax wrap is an eco-friendly alternative to cling wrap. Minimakers artisanal wraps are handcrafted in Singapore using 100% cotton, jojoba oil, tree resin, and beeswax in small batch to ensure quality.




Beeswax and tree resin has antibacterial properties. It provides a protective and breathable layer that keeps food from getting wet or wilted while locking in moisture, flavour and freshness.  

HOW TO USE: Mould wrap firmly around food or container with the warmth and pressure from your hands. Avoid direct contact with raw meat. Instead, put them in a bowl and cover with wrap. Do not microwave.



Small (8" x 8") - suitable for a small cheese block, half an avocado, small bowl.

Medium (10" x 10") - suitable for half a melon, snacks, noodle bowl.

Large  (12" x 12") - suitable for sandwiches, salad bowl, herbs & vegetables.

Extra Large (18" x 18") - suitable for a loaf of bread, large vegetables 




  1. Do not use for raw meat, soup or food with much sauce (e.g. pasta)
  2. Avoid contact with heat and hot food
  3. Do not use in microwave, oven and dishwasher
  4. Hand wash with cold water and mild detergent; do not scrub or soak
  5. Replace once a year, or when aware of fabric color change or mold